The Namibia Berries Team

Michael Rodenburg
Founder and Director

Michael is a Global CEO with international experience in building and scaling businesses , global expansion , M&A & restructuring companies within private equity backed, listed joint ventures & family owned businesses. Michael’s current activities include international and local start-ups in South Africa, Namibia, Europe and the USA as well as retail and office property holdings. Michael’s expertise within Loxworth lies in identifying entrepreneurial initiatives and flexible and creative deal structuring to ensure streamlined transactions and a seamless investor experience.

Evaristus Evaristus

Evaristus Evaristus is a seasoned administrator with vast experience in strategic leadership and management at executive level. He is a business strategist with entrepreneurial skills. Currently, he is a part-time farmer in Otjozondjupa Region (Otavi District) where he farms with livestock and horticulture, as well as processing of biomass products. Moreover, he possesses sound experience in networking and relationship building, fundraising and the ability to successfully lead strategic change management initiatives. As part of his pro bono services in academia and in light of his knowledge of political, business and public administration, he assists with part-time lectures (in Politics and Administration).

Johan Swanepoel
Operations director

Johan has over 40 years of experience in fruit farming, logistics, and distribution. Johan was involved with several significant agricultural developments in southern Africa, managing production that included fruit growing, sorting and packing. Previously, he developed and managed 170 ha of blueberry farms in North West and Gauteng provinces, and is currently developing a 200 ha farm in The Western Cape, South Africa, where he is responsible for the efficient and profitable management of all aspects of the farm.

Michèle James

Michèle has a strong focus on sustainability and social impact. She leads the development and implementation of responsible business strategies that are in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) from UN and the International Finance Corporation (IFC) guidelines.

At Namibia Berries, Michèle is responsible for developing the business framework and implementing the company's ESG agenda. She is passionate about promoting positive change by prioritising job creation and skills transfer through education and training.

Eben Wepener
General Manager

A professional farmer and agronomist, Eben is a strong-willed go-getter who has a deep understanding and passion for agriculture. He has more than 10 years' experience as a farmer in South Africa, has a B-Tech degree in agriculture and more than 7 years' experience in blueberry farming and project development. Working with people and educating them is of great importance for him to be successful. In his free time he likes to spend time in nature, for example hiking, camping and especially catching tiger fish in the Caprivi

Amogelang Kekana
Financial Controller & Analyst

Amogelang serves as the Financial Analyst and Controller, bringing her extensive expertise in various industries to the team. She holds both undergraduate and postgraduate degrees from the prestigious University of the Witwatersrand.

After completing her studies, Amogelang went on to complete her Chartered Accountancy articles at one of the Big Four audit firms. With a diverse background in energy, mining, technology, hospitality, manufacturing, consulting, logistics, and financial services, Amogelang is well-equipped to handle the financial intricacies. Beyond her professional accomplishments, she is deeply committed to making a positive impact on society, promoting social responsibility, and empowering others to reach their full potential.

Enya-Dine Wepener

Enya-Dine is the Finance Administrator at Blue Berries Namibia and has 6 years of experience in assisting with the establishment and development of blueberry projects. She is an asset to any company. Previously she has worked in HR & wages, social and environmental compliance and more recently as a financial administrator in the blueberry industry. Her attention to detail and drive to do things right the first time is one of her many positive attributes. She is quick to learn new skills and is always willing to help. When not at work, Enya-Dine is an avid photographer and loves to spend her time with a good book.

Louisa Craig
Project Coordinator

Louisa’s 25 year working career spans many disciplines and industries including marketing, communications, tender management, and research in the IT, distribution, manufacturing, and service industries.  She enjoys cross team coordination and collaboration and has a special interest in discovering new technical fields. Louisa’s expertise in organising  and coordinating workflows has been developed through her experience in collaborating and liaising with  cross cultural teams across the globe including the Far East, Europe, Middle East, and the USA. Louisa also expresses her compassion for people as a mediator and Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Practitioner.

Japie Krynauw
Agricultural Engineer

Japie is a highly experienced and qualified agricultural engineer with a B.Eng. (Agriculture) from the University of Pretoria. He is an expert consultant for various agricultural projects, with particular focus on the planning, design and implementation of automatic irrigation systems with pH and EC control systems. Since 2014, he has provided professional support to farms on more than 700 hectares.

AC Koch
Sales and Marketing Manager

AC has been part of the agricultural community for the last 25 years . He has held various South African and International positions in marketing , packhouse management, packaging development and logistics. AC is responsible for marketing, packhouse and logistics at Saronsberries and Namibia Berries

Dr Wilfred C. Singogo
Horticultural Expert and Agricultural Educator

Dr Wilfred C. Singogo is a highly respected educator at Namibia Berries, using his extensive experience in horticulture, agronomy and forestry. With a diverse educational background and decades of hands-on involvement in various agricultural projects, Dr Singogo brings a unique blend of academic and practical skills to his work.

He holds a PhD in Horticulture and a Masters in Agricultural Engineering from the prestigious Kansas State University. Dr Singogo is known for his pioneering work in sustainable vegetable production and farmer education. He is excellent at bridging the gap between theory and practise, always delivering tangible results.

In addition to his professional activities, Dr Singogo is committed to social progress. He generously volunteers his expertise with farmer groups, offering them expert advice to enhance their growth and potential. With his extensive expertise and practical skills, Dr Singogo is dedicated to promoting sustainable crop production, farmer training and community development.

Nathalia Shikangala-Djani
Social Performance Officer

Community development, Community Engagement Participation and EIA are some of the tasks that Social Performance Officer/Manager Nathalia Shikangala-Djani very skilled at. She make it her mission to address and solve community issues. She has more than 10 years to work with community. She is studying towards Masters in Environment and Sustainable Development at the African University (AU) Zambia.

If she is not working Shikangala-Djani prefer spending her free time reading entrepreneurship and renovation books. She prefer staying at home to going out with her families to do outdoor activities.

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